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architectural hardware.

Are you looking for architectural hardware that offers functionality + quality? Grasped® is here to help.
Grasped® architectural hardware offers an arrange of architectural hardware, accessories, concealed hydraulic pivots, door handles, door stops, cylinders, escutcheons, flush bolts, flush pulls, hinges, hooks, knobs, l-bars, door locks + latches, pull bars, sliding door lock, t-bars, thumbturn locks + bespoke handles.

Architects, interior designers, builders + the DIY enthusiasts will find the products they need conveniently located on our website.
If you need assistance in finding a particular product or would like bespoke pieces made, feel free to contact our customer service team.
We can design to specification or work with one of our partners to get the architectural hardware you need made especially for you. 

Architectural hardware is essential to any home. However, architectural hardware also offers an opportunity to personalise your home and create a beautiful feel to express your style and design sense. Architectural hardware includes all the hardware elements used in construction.

At Grasped®, you’ll find the highest quality architectural hardware and decorative architectural hardware accessories. You will also find experts to answer your questions + guide you on architectural hardware for your project.
Shop online or get in touch today.


The options of finishes are endless.
These include but are not limited to brass, black, bronze, chrome, gun metal, horn, nickel, smoked bronze, powder coated colors, PVD finishes + an array of woods. In addition to the wide material options there is also an array of finish options including oil rubbed, polished, raw + satin finishes.


The materials each product is fabricated from varies dependent on the product + the area of use itself.
The most commonly used materials are brass, stainless steel, aluminum + zinc. These finishes have been tested for their durability + have been deemed suitable for constant door use.

product maintenance.

As each brand creates their beautiful pieces with different materials they all require their own method of maintenance. 

Please refer to each brands own personalised method in order to best maintain your products.

what are lever handles?

Lever Door handles are where you push down on the lever to open the door, which engages a latch to open a door. These are the most common type of handles found in a house. Fixed Lever Door handles are used where you push or pull a door open, rather than twist. These are fixed to the
door using woodscrews + are most common are on cupboard doors. 

what are door knobs?

 Door Knobsare common on doors, especially the inside doors of a home, such as the doors of different rooms +closets. These tend to be metal +shaped like a, well, knob a part that sticks out + has a rounded end.

what are thumbturn locks?

Thumbturn Locks are a type of lock that allows you to easily open + close doors from the inside. The thumbturn fits directly below the door handles or knobs + when the turn is rotated, it throws a deadbolt, locking the door.

what are tubular + deadbolt latches?

Tubular Latches are usually morticed into a door, which allows the door to be openedand closed by means of a Door Handle or Door Knob. The word 'latching' is the act of a door being closed, and remaining held shut.

Deadbolt Latches are a lock bolt that is moved by turning a key or an access control system without the use of a spring. Deadbolt locks are heavier + thicker than your standard spring latch. Normally made from steel or brass they are not rounded or angled at the end of the lock

what are striker plates?

Strike Plates are metal plates fitted into the doorjamb allowing the latch to ‘strike’ the plate.
When the internal door is closed, the latch tongue extends into the cut out in the strike plate + holds the door closed.
The strike plates enable a smooth closing action + protects the door from scratches as the latch extends + retracts.

what are escutcheon plates?

An Escutcheon plate is a protective metal plate that is fixed onto a door + surrounds the cylinder or key lock hole.  We supply 2 types being either the Traditional or Euro Profile.

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