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  • The Sugatsune LDD-V Concealed Door Damper is completely hidden from view when door is closed winning the Good Design Award. It allows doors to close gently, preventing slamming, creating a lighter feel when opened compared to standard door closers.


    It also helps protect the door, hinges, frames + door panels all while working silently, smoothly + safely. It catches the closing door, cushions the closing motion + gently pulls it safely into the lock.


    The ultimate invisible door damper for a perfect close!


    Minimum Door Thickness:



    Maximum Door Weight:



    Maximum Door Dimensions:

    Height - XXXXmm

    Width - 900mm


    Sugatsune LDD-V100 Door Damper Includes:

    1 x Door Damper

    4 x Binding Head Tapping Screw

    4 x Binding Head Tapping Screw


    Please Note - Installation template + adjustment jig sold separately.

    Installation Template - Available here LDD-V-TMP.

    Adjustment Jig - Available here LDD-V-JIG.


    Unsure of which concealed hinges you require?

    Model Selector Available Here


    Sugatsune / LDD-V100 / Door Damper


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