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  • This JNF Hydraulic Pivot with automatic closing is suitable for single or double action doors. Made to manage the closing control of swing doors while opening them with little effort.


    This JNF Hydraulic Pivot has the capability of functioning in two directions and offers a rotation point on the roof or upper frame of the door with a built-in bearing. The closing control is carried out by two valves that can precisely adjust the initial and final closing speed. The final speed being particularly important when the door has a lock installed.


    A very sleek design as the pivot itself is concealed entirely within the door leaving only a small base visible on the floor.

    Minimum Door Thickness: 40mm

    Maximum Door Width: 1000mm

    Maximum Door Weight: 100kg

    Two-speed shut-off valve adjustment

    System for adjusting the position of the door ± 3mm | ± 3mm / 4º


    JNF / Hydraulic Pivot / Doors Upto 100kg


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