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  • Playful yet elegant, Niki's clean circular geometry is equally captivating and welcoming.


    Niki's nautical inspiration stems from the use of pothole windows in Streamline Moderne and Art Deco architecture. When paired with a satin finish, Niki's starburst reflection of light is whole-heartedly indicative of Art Deco inspired design.


    It can be applied to various design themes in commercial and residential applications and is available in multiple sizes.


    Shou Sugi Ban involves a centuries old Japanese technique to breathe ancient mystery into new wood by burning or charring wood with fire and smoke. Resulting in a shade of deep black is a long-lasting, sustainable finish with an alluring appeal.


    Please Note - Back fix installation screw sold separately, please see Designer Doorware Back Fixed Bolt.

    Designer Doorware / Shou Sugi Ban / Niki Full Circle Dished / Entrance / 300mm


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