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  • A precious bar made from solid burnt steel and designed to keep all your precious belongings safe. This precious bar consists of two vertical solid stainless steel pulls that have been exposed to excessive heat to create the unique Buster + Punch burnt steel finish.


    A solid stainless steel horizontal fixing bar features the Buster + Punch signature linear knurl pattern and is attached with an elegant steel fashion chain. The fixing bar can be secured in place with the Buster + Punch solid steel padlock, with 'B+P' logo etched into it.


    They work great on cabinet doors, free-standing furniture, console units and just about anything that has two side-by-side openable doors. 


    Please note: BURNT STEEL is a one of a kind, natural finish. This means, that no two products have the same finish and we cannot guarantee the proportion of blue, purple and yellow in your product. However, we can guarantee that if you buy this finish, you are a Rockstar!




    Buster + Punch / Linear / Precious Bar / Burnt Steel


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