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  • Touch is the perfect solution for concealed frame doors where the handle needs to be minimal even for concealed doors in wooden walls. This allows the designer to integrate the handle with the sash design perfectly.

    The magnetic catching force can be adjusted according to the user sensibility and is guaranteed in all the installation conditions.

    The magnets throw in front of the striker only. When the door is open magnets retract flush with the forend creating a minimal design + avoids the problem of protrusion. The throw extension of the magnets can be adjusted with a 2.5mm with an allen key.

    The cover can be removed thanks to the clips system + it hides fastening screws and adjustment grubs.

    Height: 196mm
    Forend: 18mm
    Turn Snib Hub: 8 x 8mm


    Please note - Forend cover + striker not included.

    Forend Cover � Available Here

    Striker � Available Here

    AGB Touch Magnetic Door Catcher Adjustable


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