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  • The Revolution XT is set to revolutionize our conceptions of what a lock is.


    The key blocks the latch also functioning as bolt whilstleaving the handle free to go down. A silent + flush-mounted magnetic lock that features no protuberances on the forend, thanks to the latch which is entirely retracted into the casing. Now both a lock as well as a design feature enhancing the use + style of interior doors.


    The new Revolution XT locks were created with innovative materials to ensure that the lock functions seamlessly even with extreme weather conditions including humidity, dust + chemical agents. These locks are designed with heavy return mechanism that are suitable for unsprung handles with back-to-back lever handle through fixing at 38mm centres.


    Thanks to the AGB forend cover readily fitted with a snap-on mechanism, the fixing screws are hidden from view further enhancing the overall aesthetics of the door.


    Revolution XT takes lock finishes to a new level creating new horizons for interior door designs.


    Backset: 60mm
    Height: 196mm
    Forend: 18mm
    Turn Snib Hub: 8 x 8mm


    Please note - 50mm or 70mm backset available upon request.

    AGB Revolution XT Lock 60mm Backset Cylinder


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